Grandma’s quark muffins with vanilla pudding

Grandma’s Quark Muffins with Vanilla Pudding: A Family Favorite
Delight your taste buds with the nostalgic flavors of Grandma’s Quark Muffins with Vanilla Pudding. These delightful treats are a cherished family recipe, passed down through generations for their irresistible taste and comforting aroma. With a soft, fluffy texture and a hint of vanilla sweetness, these muffins are perfect for breakfast, brunch, or an afternoon snack. Join me on a journey to recreate this beloved recipe and experience the joy of homemade baking at its finest.

200g flour
2 tsp baking powder
2 eggs
400g quark
120g sugar
120g butter, softened
1 pack vanilla pudding powder
Some oil to grease the mold
Preheat Oven: Preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C). Grease a muffin tin with oil or line it with paper liners.

Mix Dry Ingredients: In a mixing bowl, combine the flour and baking powder. Set aside.

Prepare Wet Ingredients: In another bowl, beat the eggs until fluffy. Add the quark, sugar, and softened butter, and mix until well combined.

Incorporate Pudding Powder: Gradually add the vanilla pudding powder to the wet ingredients, mixing until smooth and creamy.

Combine Wet and Dry Ingredients: Gradually add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients, stirring until just combined. Be careful not to overmix.

Fill Muffin Tin: Spoon the batter into the prepared muffin tin, filling each cavity about two-thirds full.

Bake: Place the muffin tin in the preheated oven and bake for 20-25 minutes, or until the muffins are golden brown and a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

Cool and Serve: Remove the muffins from the oven and let them cool in the tin for a few minutes before transferring them to a wire rack to cool completely. Enjoy warm or at room temperature.

Cook’s Notes and Variations:
Quark Substitute: If you can’t find quark, you can use Greek yogurt or ricotta cheese as a substitute. The texture and flavor may vary slightly, but the muffins will still be delicious.

Add-Ins: Feel free to add your favorite mix-ins to the batter, such as chocolate chips, chopped nuts, or dried fruit, for extra flavor and texture.

Storage: Store the muffins in an airtight container at room temperature for up to three days, or freeze them for longer storage. Simply wrap the cooled muffins individually in plastic wrap and place them in a resealable freezer bag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q: Can I use a different type of flour?
A: Yes, you can use whole wheat flour or a gluten-free flour blend as a substitute for all-purpose flour. Keep in mind that the texture and flavor of the muffins may vary slightly.

Q: Can I make these muffins without eggs?
A: While eggs are essential for the texture and structure of these muffins, you can try using a commercial egg replacer or a flax egg (1 tbsp ground flaxseed mixed with 3 tbsp water) as a substitute. However, the results may differ from the original recipe.

Q: Can I make a smaller batch?
A: Yes, you can easily halve the ingredients to make a smaller batch of muffins. Simply adjust the quantities accordingly and proceed with the recipe as instructed.

Keto and Low-Carb Versions:
Keto Version: To make a keto-friendly version of these muffins, you can substitute almond flour or coconut flour for the all-purpose flour and use a keto-friendly sweetener such as erythritol or stevia instead of sugar. Additionally, replace the vanilla pudding powder with a keto-friendly vanilla-flavored protein powder or a combination of almond flour and vanilla extract.

Low-Carb Version: Reduce the amount of sugar used in the recipe or use a low-carb sweetener such as monk fruit or erythritol. You can also add extra vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste to enhance the flavor without adding extra carbs.

Grandma’s Quark Muffins with Vanilla Pudding are a delightful treat that’s sure to bring back fond memories of home-baked goodness. With their simple ingredients, easy preparation, and delicious flavor, these muffins are perfect for any occasion. Whether enjoyed with a cup of coffee in the morning or as a sweet snack throughout the day, these muffins are guaranteed to brighten your day. So why not whip up a batch today and experience the joy of homemade baking for yourself? Your taste buds will thank you!

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